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Spiritual Empowerment through Alternate Therapies

Spiritual Empowerment through Alternate Therapies

One can reach spiritual empowerment in many ways. The most common of these methods are through alternative therapies. Below are a few examples:-


Yoga uses the mental as well as physical disciplines that originated in India. Most Yoga practitioners today use yoga as a form of exercise. However, this form of meditation may also be used to gain Moksha.

Moksha is the state where a person attains liberation and freedom from all worldly sufferings. It comes from a Sanskrit word that literally means release or to let go. At the end, the person is able to find his own identity called the Supreme Brahman. Doing yoga may also help a person have a stable relationship with himself while experiencing calm and peace.


This method originated in Japan and means spiritual power from a Chinese loanword. Reiki originated with Mikao Usui after a 21-day retreat in Mount Kurama. Practitioners of Reiki aim to abide to its principles that include (in a translation):-
 Do not be angry
 Do not worry
 Be grateful
 Work with integrity
 Be kind to others

Reiki also makes use of a universal spiritual energy that could actually have a healing effect. Anyone can also gain of this energy but has to go through a process of attunement done by a Reiki master.

Er Mei Qi Gong

This type of practice believes that a unique form of matter called the Qi can be transmitted to others to provide healing and promote good health as well as help in spiritual empowerment. Some people even believe that they are able to develop their skills in clairvoyance and telepathy.

The choice of alternative therapy, if at all, would really depend upon you and in which practices you are most comfortable of doing. In addition, there are many other therapies that you could undergo aside from the ones listed here.

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